Tommy Hilfiger Fall 15 @ Smets Premium Store in Brussels

Last week, I was invited at the launch of the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 15 collection at the Smets Premium Store in Brussels. I won two tickets, so I asked a friend to join me. We met in Antwerp and continued our trip to Brussels. Everything went fine until we arrived in the center of Brussels, oh gosh, what a terrible traffic! It took us about half an hour to drive 3 kilometers. 

Once we arrived at the Smets store, my eyes popped out. It was a beautiful store with lots of beautiful brands and great decorations.

A small piece of the store was reserved for the new Tommy Hilfiger Fall 15 collection. This year, Tommy Hilfiger exists 30 years. To kick off his 30th anniversary celebration, he created a Fall collection which is inspired by American football. "I wanted to marry sport with luxury" Hilfiger said. The sporty look and the idea that you're wearing high school clothes, interests me a lot. 

Curious about what this collection looks like and how it was shown at the Smets store, scroll down.

X, Eline

Below some of the many many amazing looks of this Tommy Hilfiger Fall 15 collection.